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By: Bryan Cotter

Lake Travis Tuesday 11/7/2017

Fishing was a lot of fun today. I took my good friend Mike out today to show him the new boat and we got into some good action. I threw a Pop-R around the edge of the deep ledges and Mike threw a shaky head with a condensed version of a finesse worm. Most of the fish came on the top water but the biggest one came on the shaky head. She was real skinny and would have probably pushed 4 pounds if healthy. Most of the other keepers were nice chunks in the 2.5 pound range. All the others were under. All in all, we had about 2 dozen bass with 8-9 keepers. We ended the day when a cold front started blowing in around 1:20pm. Good times as always when on the water.

Halloween is next week and the fishing is good...

I have been taking clients out to Lake Decker and Lake Travis mainly recently. Lake Decker always has a chance at a big bass and lately we've been catching some decent ones on every trip. Most are in the 2-4 pound class and we are catching them in schools, along grass lines and on frogs coming through the reeds. We really need a few big cold fronts to get these fish feeding better there.

That's why I'm taking more and more clients to Lake Travis. We are catching numbers out there and even some decent ones. We are catching most numbers on top waters which is a lot of fun. A shaky head jig and finesse skirted jigs are catching some good fish as well. There's a few ledges I've been fishing out there that are loaded up with nice fish up to 5 pounds and sometimes they could be on absolute fire. You'll hook one and a whole wolfpack will follow it to the boat trying to eat the bait out of their mouth and some of those may be 4-5 pounds. Lots of fun.

Another lake that is fishing well is Lake Bastrop. We are catching 20-50 fish a day working the grass with wakebaits, flukes and even some on spinnerbaits. A shaky head and jig will work further out from the grass as well. Good times...

Lake LBJ - 1st BASS Regional tournament 3/5

Started the day off in a spawning area that had some really good fish around it in practice. Took me a while to get my first fish on as I was working the area over with a frog. It was a nice chunk. I worked the area over really well for the first hour and a half before I started working my way out. I threw my frog over a few lily pads I saw on a small flat and boom, 5 pounder. Nice. I only caught one other one in there for 3 fish to start the day. I then went to an area that was full of grass last year and now it's just mush. I worked a trig plastic around the nasty stuff and was able to catch 3 more keepers out of it with what would be my biggest bass of the day at 5.5 lbs. Looking good right now. I spent the rest of the day looking for beds and catching some off of them to cull up to 17.81 lbs for 2nd place. I could not find any real big ones on beds, only males. I caught a total of 15 and culled 7 times. My main 2 baits were a Ribbit frog and a Zoom fluke stick. Some of the bedding bass were caught on Zoom 6" lizards. Good day on the water.

Lake Travis 11/15

Took some clients out to Lake Travis for a morning trip. The 16 year old had never been fishing before in his life so I knew this trip would be special to him. We started right off on a good stretch of water where we caught quite a few. He had some decent ones on but hadn't learned the art of setting a hook yet so I worked with him until I thought he was ready to set a hook. Not too long after that, he felt a bite and set the hook and caught his first largemouth bass. He really enjoyed it and after we took a picture, he was back at it, catching several more throughout the 4-5 hours we were out there. His Godfather caught several as well catching the biggest ones of the day. At one point while we were near the back of some docks, I flipped a jig right on the edge of one and connected with a large guadalupe bass. It was a very nice specimen close to 2 lbs and nice and fat. It was a fun day on the water and someone caught their first fish ever. Good times.

This is a great time to be on the water after a few cold fronts and the water temperature coming down. The fish are on the chew. It's a great time to go and try to get that fish of a lifetime too as the big fish are just starting to get fat with eggs and have a large appetite for the winter. Book now...and for the Spring too.

Lake Bastrop 9/18

Hit Bastrop for a full day today and the fishing was outstanding. On our first spot we threw shaky heads and found them schooling up and in a few hours, we landed 36 fish. It was quite a lot really quick. We then headed back to the launch ramp to pick up my client's friend. We went back close to where we started but it had a few people around there so we stayed out of it and worked a big point out from it. They got to schooling up again and when it was all said and done, we had caught another 81! Wow. What a day of fishing to land 117 bass in less than 8 hours of fishing. Great day on the water.

Lake Bastrop 7/7

Lake Bastrop was on fire yet again today. In 4 hours of fishing, we caught 54 up to 4 lbs. We used mainly shaky heads with trick worms but also threw a spinner bait and a jig. Top waters are working as well around the grass flats in the holes and a deep crank off the right ledge will catch some good ones too. If you'd like to get into some of this action, book your trip now.

Lake Travis 4/8

I took a 90 year old World War II vet out today on Lake Travis and we had a blast. He wanted to catch some white bass for a fish fry and I've been on them pretty good. We hit the first area with no success on whites but caught several largemouth and guadalupe bass. Since he was after whites though, I quickly moved to where some were moving up the previous day. When we got in there, it was every cast. There were 4 of us on the boat and we had several quadruple hookups. What a blast. At one point, he told me he was in 7th heaven. That made my day as well. What an honor it was to give back to someone from one of the greatest eras of our time. We caught 38 with another mixed bag and they took home plenty of whites to eat. He caught a nice largemouth to boot. Great time with a veteran.

Lake Travis 3/31

Took some clients out on Lake Travis and it was the right call. We started out on a ledge in 8-20 feet of water. We caught a few there right away when I noticed a point in the back of the cove we were in start blowing up with fish. We just had to move back there and we started catching white bass on every cast, sometimes tripling up. It was a lot of fun and we also caught largemouth and guadalupe bass mixed in and even a striped bass. This went on for quite some time. After this slowed down and we moved around and fished the area for a while longer, I decided to take these guys to some other areas.

We headed up the lake to an old favorite cove and started catching some more largemouth. As we were moving around in there, I noticed a large fish swimming along and tossed my shaky head over at it. She hammered the bait and took off. After a long battle, I finally got her in the boat and it was a lake record long nosed gar weighing in at 20.08 lbs. What a fight. After getting all the measurements, etc we headed on to one more cove before the end of the trip. We caught some largemouth here as well and 1 other fish I haven't seen in a while, a black crappie. She was up shallow with some other bass and after I caught her, I knew she could have been a lake record as well but when I was looking at her, she kicked right out of my hand and into the water. Oh well. lol

After all said and done, we caught over 80 fish with a mix of 6 different varieties. Good times. For some of this action, book today and let's go catch 'em.

Fayette 3/30

Headed out to Fayette for some power plant action. Hit some normal areas only to have to scrape to find a few. Headed over to the last area they seem to spawn in every year off a tree line and bingo, found them loaded up. Caught a bunch in this area right outside of where the tilapia were spawning using mainly trick worms. We caught a few dozen working the worms slowly until the line jumped or just took off. Fun day on the water as always on Fayette County. Good times.

Decker 3/1

Hit up Decker for a whole day, dawn to dusk. We caught them really good again on squarebills and some on traps and worms. We worked just off some of the deeper reeds and they were holding some really nice bass. Every one of the fish we caught were all in the 3-5 lb range which makes for some really fun fishing. We caught over 3 dozen on the trip and the best 5 were over 20 lbs once again. Good times.

Decker 2/19

Took out a client on Decker since they had a tournament coming up out there and wanted to find some areas holding fish. I took them to some wind blown areas with a little grass and we caught them really good on squarebill crankbaits and a few on shaky heads. The biggest was 5.75 lbs with a really big belly. We had several really nice ones and had over 20 pounds best 5 easy. Fun day on the lake.

Lake Austin 2/18

Headed out on Lake Austin with some clients and had a pretty good day. We caught largemouth on plastics and crankbaits and we also got into some pretty big white bass on deep diving crankbaits as well. The bite started on a shallow flat where the bass had a bunch of shad rounded up against the bank. The fishing was fast and furious at this point and we were catching them on almost every cast for a while. After this action slowed up we went searching for a bigger bite only to find another spot with whites schooled up out deep. We caught a bunch of these as well. Good times with 22 blacks and 18 whites.

Lake Austin 6/4

Fished the TTZ Wednesday night tournament. We won the tournament by 3 pounds with 23.24 lbs with a 8.28 lb kicker. We used a variety of baits including worms, creature baits, crankbaits, wake baits and jigs. We caught over 40 fish in 3 hours in 3 different areas. They were really on the chew and if you want some of this action, now's a great time to go.

ttzwin ttzwin big bass

Lake Austin 4/3

Lake Austin fished really well today. We caught over 50 with a lot of 2-4 lb chunks. No giants but these fish are feisty and strong. We caught them around grass, brushpiles, flats and off rock piles. The lake is getting better and better with these warm temperatures.

Now's the time to book and get out after some big girls.

Lake Austin 2/15

What a fantastic day. The number of fish today literally tripled from the day before. I decided to start in a different spot altogether and it worked out. In the first 2.5 hours of a half day trip the fishing was on fire. Just about every cast produced a fish and they were nice chunks. Mostly 2-4 lbers with an occasional 5-7 lb fish following those in. At one time, while bringing in one about 3 lbs, it came off and one of those bigger ones snatched up the bait. It went 6.67 lbs on the scale. Good fish. After the clients went in, I went back out looking and caught some more. In 6 hours time, we had over 35 bass with the best 5 going 25 lbs. Great day on the water. If you want some of this action, book your trip now and let's go...

Lake Austin 2/14

Valentines day was a nice day to be on the water. It was pretty crowded though with a lot of guys prefishing for the upcoming TTZ tournament out there next Saturday. We didn't catch a whole lot but did have some nice quality bites. We caught 12 and our best 5 was at 20 lbs. The biggest one caught was just under 6 lbs.

Lake Austin 2/9

Took a client out and had a decent trip weight-wise. We only caught 8 but they were chunky with the best 5 going 17 lbs.

Lake Austin 2/8 Fellowship Bass Club Tournament

Had a great day at the Fellowship bass club tournament on Lake Austin. Caught a 9.09 lb big girl to start the day so that was a relief. It came only 2 casts after breaking off one that might have went over 10 and that girl kept jumping to throw the bait all the way across the lake. I really had to work some different areas and cover some water though to catch the rest. Only landed 7 bass but they were all healthy ones with the smallest in my final bag at 3.5 lbs and I added a 6 lber in the last few minutes. I ended up with 25.09 lbs with the 9.09 lb kicker. Lake Austin will only get better with warmer weather so book your trip now and let's go try for that fish of a lifetime.

Lake Belton 2/2

7th place in the Bud Light trail tournament today on Lake Belton. Caught 9 keepers and 1 under but no kicker using jigs and squarebill crank baits in the backs of pockets. The 2 teams that had kickers got 1st and 2nd. Go figure. Sitting in 2nd place for AOY right now though with hopefully better conditions on the rest of the lakes. It was brutal today with freezing rain and sleet during parts of the day with high winds and numb hands. I think I'm finally thawed out. Good times...lol

Lake LBJ 1/25 TTZ Tournament

Tough day of fishing at the TTZ Lake LBJ tournament today. Bite was off and only got 5 solid bites, landing 3 of them. Luckily the 3 I did land weighed over 12 lbs and we got a 16th place check out of 131 boats. We had two 3 pounders and a 6 pounder. One of the 2 bass I lost was a hawg and broke off on a crossbar coming out of a dock I didn't see in time. I couldn't stop her though. Hmm, what could have been...but at least we got a check.

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