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Professional Austin Area Bass Fishing Guide Service By:   
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Lake Austin 6/4

Fished the TTZ Wednesday night tournament. We won the tournament by 3 pounds with 23.24 lbs with a 8.28 lb kicker. We used a variety of baits including worms, creature baits, crankbaits, wake baits and jigs. We caught over 40 fish in 3 hours in 3 different areas. They were really on the chew and if you want some of this action, now's a great time to go.

Lake Austin 4/3

Lake Austin fished really well today. We caught over 50 with a lot of 2-4 lb chunks. No giants but these fish are feisty and strong. We caught them around grass, brushpiles, flats and off rock piles. The lake is getting better and better with these warm temperatures.

Now's the time to book and get out after some big girls.

Lake Austin 2/15

What a fantastic day. The number of fish today literally tripled from the day before. I decided to start in a different spot altogether and it worked out. In the first 2.5 hours of a half day trip the fishing was on fire. Just about every cast produced a fish and they were nice chunks. Mostly 2-4 lbers with an occasional 5-7 lb fish following those in. At one time, while bringing in one about 3 lbs, it came off and one of those bigger ones snatched up the bait. It went 6.67 lbs on the scale. Good fish. After the clients went in, I went back out looking and caught some more. In 6 hours time, we had over 35 bass with the best 5 going 25 lbs. Great day on the water. If you want some of this action, book your trip now and let's go...

Lake Austin 2/14

Valentines day was a nice day to be on the water. It was pretty crowded though with a lot of guys prefishing for the upcoming TTZ tournament out there next Saturday. We didn't catch a whole lot but did have some nice quality bites. We caught 12 and our best 5 was at 20 lbs. The biggest one caught was just under 6 lbs.

Lake Austin 2/9

Took a client out and had a decent trip weight-wise. We only caught 8 but they were chunky with the best 5 going 17 lbs.

Lake Austin 2/8 Fellowship Bass Club Tournament

Had a great day at the Fellowship bass club tournament on Lake Austin. Caught a 9.09 lb big girl to start the day so that was a relief. It came only 2 casts after breaking off one that might have went over 10 and that girl kept jumping to throw the bait all the way across the lake. I really had to work some different areas and cover some water though to catch the rest. Only landed 7 bass but they were all healthy ones with the smallest in my final bag at 3.5 lbs and I added a 6 lber in the last few minutes. I ended up with 25.09 lbs with the 9.09 lb kicker. Lake Austin will only get better with warmer weather so book your trip now and let's go try for that fish of a lifetime.

Lake Belton 2/2

7th place in the Bud Light trail tournament today on Lake Belton. Caught 9 keepers and 1 under but no kicker using jigs and squarebill crank baits in the backs of pockets. The 2 teams that had kickers got 1st and 2nd. Go figure. Sitting in 2nd place for AOY right now though with hopefully better conditions on the rest of the lakes. It was brutal today with freezing rain and sleet during parts of the day with high winds and numb hands. I think I'm finally thawed out. Good

Lake LBJ 1/25 TTZ Tournament

Tough day of fishing at the TTZ Lake LBJ tournament today. Bite was off and only got 5 solid bites, landing 3 of them. Luckily the 3 I did land weighed over 12 lbs and we got a 16th place check out of 131 boats. We had two 3 pounders and a 6 pounder. One of the 2 bass I lost was a hawg and broke off on a crossbar coming out of a dock I didn't see in time. I couldn't stop her though. Hmm, what could have been...but at least we got a check.

Lake Austin 1/19 BLT Tournament

Caught a couple fatties in the Bud Light Trail tournament today on Lake Austin. Toughest day I've seen in months out there. We caught 16 keepers but never found the big bite. Biggest we caught was just under 6 lbs and best five went 15.45 lbs for 6th place.

Lake Travis 1/11 Fellowship Bass Club T

Won the first tournament of the year on Lake Travis for the Fellowship Bass Club. Went through 2 limits. Partner had a limit as well with his big fish over 4. 10 fish for 19+ lbs. 1st and 2nd place sacks. Not bad for Travis. Great start to the new year. We caught them on shaky head craw worms and crankbaits in 4-10 feet of water in the backs of coves.

Lake Austin 1/2

Hit up Lake Austin once again for a few hours. The bite was a little slow on this cold day. I found water temp from 51-54. I caught 12 up to 4 lbs in the few hours I was out there. Mainly fished new areas checking around. Even the 3 and 4 lbers are fighting really good right now. Time to book for this spring coming up. This will be another fantastic one.

Lake Austin 12/30

Cold day starting out on Lake Austin. Bite started slow as well. It did pick up speed though later. 28 in all for the day with 2 6's, a few 4's and the rest were 1-3lbs. Fun day on the water. Lost an absolute giant as well that came unbuttoned at the boat. Hope to find her again some day....

Lake Austin 12/27

8 lber to end the day on Lake Austin. Fun day. Lots of 4 lbers. Most I've seen in a long time actually. Over 25 lbs best 5...mainly using jigs and crankbaits...over 30 bass caught today

Lake Austin 12/21

Lake Austin was fishing decent today. Caught 22 in 6 hours. Nothing over the 5 lb range though. 19-20 lbs best 5. Next week should bring the big mamas for Christmas whoever wants to go.

Lake Austin 12/12

Caught a dozen up to 5 lbs. Best 5 around 21 lbs. Here's a little chunk. Talked to a friend who's partner caught his Pb over 10 lbs. Fun trip in 3.5 hrs...

Lake LBJ 12/7

Fished the Fellowship Bass Club Tournament on LBJ with Wayne. It was pretty cold starting out. We started on a deep light as the sun started coming up where I caught a 4+ lber on a shaky head. Bites were hard to come by as we learned throughout the day. We did pretty good though working rocks in 6-18 feet using jigs, crankbaits and senkos. On our 4th spot, one that I actually planned to start on, Wayne finally hooked the fish we've been after. A nice fat 8 lber! It annihilated a jig and it took a while for him to get her in but what a nice one. After that, we just junk fished for a while and put together the best group of fish of the day winning big sack and big fish. Together we had almost 19 lbs with 2nd place having 9 lbs. Great day on the water.

Lake Austin 12/4

Lake Austin was back on catching 24 up to 6 lbs. With the weather and all the fronts, the fishing turns on and off but you never know when that big girl will slam the rod. These fish are also really aggressive when they do bite and it's a blast right now catching them. Most of our bites are coming by way of jigs, shaky heads, senkos, crankbaits, flukes and a chatterbait. Good day on the water

Lake Austin 12/2

Went back to Lake Austin trying for that big bite. Had a few more bites than Saturday catching 15 up to 4 lbs. Pretty much the same pattern using mainly jigs and crankbaits.

Fayette County 12/1

Headed out to Fayette County and had a decent day. Not the normal numbers you see out there but caught some nice chunks up to 5 lbs. Used crankbaits, traps, senkos and jigs. Best fish came on deep crankbaits in the intake off rocks with a few better fish on senkos in deep creek channels. Fun day on the water catching 17.

Lake Austin 11/30

Hit Lake Austin for a half day. Caught 13 with a 4.5 lb big bass. Most bites came on shaky heads using trick worms. A jig and crankbait caught a few as well.

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