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Professional Austin Area Bass Fishing Guide Service By:   
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Spring is close! Fishing is getting better...

Decker Lake has been the lake of choice lately with some good catches from 1 to 2 dozen and some good quality bass. This lake is the 2nd best in Texas for average quality and now's the time to hit it. Lake Austin, which has been probably the best lake in Texas the last 3 years for giants has been a little tough but with spring approaching, the fishing is picking up and the fish are starting to move up. The water temps on Lake Austin are already pushing 60 so it's about to explode out there. Other lakes that are fishing good right now are Bastrop, where you can catch some pretty healthy bass, Fayette County is starting to pick up and there's always Travis, Inks and LBJ. There are other lakes to choose from in the area as well so if there's a different one you'd like to go to, just let me know.

It's always a great time to take your kids out. It's a great joy to get your kids into fishing and watch them reel them in. That's one of the greatest gifts my dad has passed on to me and his father to him and I am to my kids. I would love to help you out in doing the same so take your kids fishing today.

If it's that bass of a lifetime you are after, Lake Falcon has been fishing better lately with some big girls starting to be caught. Multiple day trips only for Falcon unless otherwise noted.

Ask about Military discounts.

Texas Hawgs on TV

Texas Hawgs goes to Lake Bastrop. Check it out here. This was aired on some TV stations including News 8 in Austin and ESPN2 in San Antonio. Enjoy. ;-)

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Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Lake LBJ, Lake Bastrop, Fayette County, Lake Buchanan, Stillhouse Hollow, Decker Lake, Choke Canyon, Lake Falcon and O.H.Ivie. Bass fishing is one of the best things to do in Austin, Texas.

Note: I practice catch and release, so largemouth and smallmouth bass are usually not kept, but if it's table fare you are after, we can catch white bass, crappie and guadalupe/spotted bass for your eating enjoyment. Cleaning services are not included.

Latest Big Catches

Brian with PB 10.51lb Hawg from Lake Austin
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8.2 lb Lake Austin hawg!

Jake with a nice
6.17 lb Lake Austin hawg!
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Guadalupe Bass - State Fish of Texas

The Guadalupe bass is the state fish of texas and central Texas is the only place in the world you can catch them. If that's what you are after, then you came to the right place. We catch them almost every trip out on some of the lakes here in the highland lakes chain. That includes mostly Lake Travis and LBJ with some of the others holding some as well including Lake Austin, Inks and Buchanan. They are very good fighters for their size which normally does not exceed more than 1 1/2 pounds but a few bigger ones are caught as well. I hold the current lake record for these on Lake LBJ with a 2.49 lbs that I caught in a tournament in April of 2012 which you can see just to the right. My largest on Lake Travis is 3.57 lbs which is just .12 shy of the lake record on Travis and world record of 3.69 lbs. They are also excellent table fare, better tasting than I think even crappie are. That says a lot being that crappie are pretty good eating.

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